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Hi, My name is Renier and I absolutely love technology, from a young boy I have been tinkering on PCs trying to figure out the magic that makes them work. I love to code, reverse engineer solutions, play games, consume information through digital media and the internet and use technology to enrich my life and the choices I make. Open source software has given me so much in my life that I probably owe my whole career and many technological advancements around me to OSS. I love learning new things everyday and hope to see humanity , with the help of technology, solve the greatest mysteries of this universe and usher in true peace in our societies.




Fullstack developer at SovTech

Working with the trendiest of developer libraries from Reactjs to Laravel and Vuejs. I work with all types of clients like startups and enterprises completing a recent project for one of the biggest banks in South Africa. I also run the DevChat every friday where developers come and present on a topic in our industry, I facilitate and co-organise and co-mentor developers on their talks. Yearly we all take part in an awesome 24-hour Hackathon


Fullstack developer at FirstView
(2 years)

I joined FirstView doing mostly HTML/CSS , where I regularly worked with Bootstrap 3 and an in-house Custom PHP framework. Due to resource limitations I was able to take on many of the javascript intensive parts of projects on and eventually made my way into becoming a back-end developer. Working with jQuery, PDO/MySQL and PHP's composer implementing routing, caching, geolocating, transactional emails, csv consumption and generation. I learned a lot and became one of the more senior developers in the company, consulting on projects and assistng junior devs. I also assisted with general office IT, from server setups, networking, PC maintenance and advising on procurement of hardware.


Drupal Developer, Support and Trainer at Engeneering Network
(2 years)

My first job as a web developer started with a 3-pronged responsibility set consisting of building, training and supporting customer's websites. I built Drupal based websites off of designs or pre-made inhouse distrobutions. I got to know Drupal really well and became comfortable with its many features like; Nodes, Modules, Themeing, Regions, Blocks, Entity Types, Taxonomy, Menus and Permissions. I worked on popular sites like Macsteel and Coastal Hire and took park in the Drupal community contributing a few patches. // Daily I had to support all hosting matters which included registering and transferring domains, setting up DNS records as well as setup and support of email accounts and their setups on client's devices via the phone. Lastly I would conduct regualar 3 hour sessions of training with new customers on how to effectively use their CMS.

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